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Workshops & Events


“Classes, teachers, and workshops at the Willow House nourish body, spirit, and mind with heart centered teaching and connection. I have been personally blessed by each of the teachers of the Willow House through every practice and challenge. Tucked into nature, this place holds the awakening and depth of yoga and teaching I find so many of us are looking for.”

~ Anna B.

“Nourishing Heart Yoga is such a relaxing, loving, nurturing energy and teaching style. The gentle classes are so soothing and I always feel so peaceful and centered after the restorative classes. I love how the teachers share meaningful readings during class; they can be very inspirational.  And the guided meditations are wonderful as well.”

~ Anonymous

“To say that Willow House is an oasis in a quiet neighborhood doesn’t do it justice. As we walk the path to its tree-protected privacy, there’s a letting go of complication or maybe preparation for a direct transmission from the surrounding earth and heavens. Willow House itself beckons: Welcome! There is peace waiting for you here.”

~ Cynthia B.

“Matece is one of those special teachers who, through her sheer naturalness of being and her compassionate personality, can create a calming and peaceful environment where you can truly relax and leave the stresses of the day behind.”

~ Anonymous

“As for the Willow House, there is no better place in Bloomington to practice yoga. The energy of the space is so powerful and pure that incredible healing transformations are taking place there quite regularly. Being surrounding by such lavish nature while still being in town is such a blessing! It is quite common to witness a deer munching on the Willow House grounds while practicing! “

~ Jesica C.